Insurers and Reinsurers

Do you have concerns with the information you are being provided with on values at risk? Is the insured or broker giving you adequate information on the assets? Do you really understand the basis behind the declared values at risk? Can you easily identify under or over insurance?

John Foord Analytics is a newly launched platform that offers insurers a ground breaking solution to the challenges of defining accurate values at risk. By entering a small amount of easily accessible information on a location, insurers can get an immediate indication of the estimated current reinstatement cost, based on analysis of thousands of similar facilities.

Using the latest, transparent machine learning and modelling techniques, John Foord Analytics can produce accurate reinstatement costs across large portfolios, globally, giving insurers and re-insurers unprecedented insights into the real sources of under or over insurance across their book.

Not only does a John Foord Analytics report give insurers the comfort that values have been assessed independently but, by providing objective and researched validation of appropriate reinstatement costs, John Foord Analytics can speed up the underwriting process, reduce confrontation during post loss claims, provide consistency across diverse portfolios and identify possible gaps in sums insured.


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