Helping companies and their insurers reduce risk and costs through a cloud-based reinstatement cost data platform

John Foord Analytics is a cloud-based platform giving clients real-time access to reinstatement costs by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to millions of data points on similar assets.

Developed by John Foord, the leading independent advisory firm specialising in the valuation of commercial and industrial assets, John Foord Analytics leverages decades of asset cost data across thousands of similar assets to generate reinstatement cost estimates via a cloud-based platform.

Asset owners and insurance policy holders, as well as insurers, re-insurers, and brokers can use the platform to quickly ensure sums insured are set correctly and at scale, while using John Foord’s traditional specialists for valuations of more complex assets and structures.


How It Works


Containing the experience and data of over 30 years of valuations.


Available 24 hours a day on any device, anywhere in the world.


Asset valuation data available at your fingertips.

Every industry is unique, and we understand the importance of having a partner with deep knowledge of your asset type.