Asset Owners and Risk Managers

Are you struggling to get good information on your assets? Are your sums insured based on historic costs, net book values or guesstimates from internal teams? Are you experiencing increased questions on replacement costs during renewals from insurers or brokers?

John Foord Analytics offers a new solution to clients navigating the complexities of assessing reinstatement costs. Using the latest machine learning and modelling techniques, and requiring easily identifiable information on a location, our cloud-based platform compares your location with thousands of similar facilities, while also considering the overall drivers for cost changes. This industry leading approach ensures that values can be assessed quickly and economically, requiring easily accessible details and with no disruption to your onsite operations.

Our platform can identify under or over insurance – ensuring that you only pay the premiums that you need to – through independent and researched benchmarking of appropriate reinstatement costs. The analysis and supporting document from John Foord Analytics can facilitate insurance placement, reduce the potential for post-loss disputes, provide consistency across diverse portfolios and give company directors comfort that business risks are minimised.

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