Power Generation Assets

The John Foord team are highly experienced in the assessment of an extensive range of power plant facilities for insurance replacement costs, using industry leading practices and quantitative innovations, combined with the expertise of our analytics team. A sample of the types of facilities John Foord have valued includes:

Nuclear assets:

  • 2,000 MW based on ‘Framatone ANP French’ technology

Thermal power assets:

  • Anthracite/lignite coal fred power plants — 5 MW to 6,040 MW (including world’s largest coal fred power plant)
  • Oil and gas fred conventional thermal — up to 5,660 MW
  • Oil and gas fred open cycle — 50 MW to 653 MW
  • Multiple frame and single shaft combined cycle — 120 MW to 5,351 MW (including second largest LNG fred power plant in the world)
  • Diesel internal combustion engine — 5 MW to 280 MW
  • Barge mounted diesel and gas turbine — up to 150 MW
  • Co-generation plants

Hydro power assets:

Valuations of pumped storage, run of the river, dam and gravity feed
Assets includes tunnels, canals, aqua ducts and penstocks

  • Single locations (1.1 MW to 2,400 MW)
  • Hydro schemes (up to 2,373 MW)

Renewables assets:

  • Geothermal (30 MW to 227 MW)
  • Wind (0.5 MW to 5.5 MW turbines)
  • Solar (up to 120 MW)
  • Concentrated Solar (160 MW)
  • Biomass (up to 35 MW)

Our countries of experience: